tailieunhanh - Hướng dẫn học Microsoft SQL Server 2008 part 99

Các bộ sưu tập Facet là bảng kết hợp giữa các loại đối tượng SQL Server và tài sản. Một khía cạnh có thể được mở bằng cách nhấp đúp vào nó hoặc bằng cách sử dụng các lệnh hữu trong menu ngữ cảnh của nó. Các Facet thoại Properties, như hình 40-2, có ba trang | Part VI Enterprise Data Management The Facet collection is the associative table between SQL Server object types and properties. A facet may be opened by double-clicking it or by using the Property command in its context menu. The Facet Properties dialog shown in Figure 40-2 has three pages General Describes the property lists the type of SQL Server objects to which the facet properties may apply and lists the facet s properties. Dependent Policies Lists the policies that use any dependent conditions of the facet. Dependent Conditions Lists the conditions that use any property of the facet. The last two pages are not without purpose. There may potentially be a very large number of conditions and policies the dependent policies and conditions pages are very useful for quickly tracking down a condition or policy. It s worth spending some time browsing the facets and exploring the properties of each one available from the facet s context menu. FIGURE 40-2 The Facet Properties General page lists of all the facet properties and their descriptions. In this case it s showing the properties for the database facet. 942 Policy-Based Management 40 The Object Explorer O Management O Policy Management O Facets context menu also includes New Condition and New Policy. The only difference between these context menu items and New Condition under Conditions or New Policy under Policies is that when the new condition or policy is opened from the facet node it pre-selects the facet in the drop-down selection box not terribly important but nice . There s not much to be gained by just looking at facets as their purpose is to be evaluated by conditions but it s important to be intimately familiar with the breadth of facets and their properties to realize the types of policies that may be declared and enforced by SQL Server. Because the facet collection is actually a many-to-many relationship between properties and object types it makes sense that there should be a .

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