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Laptops All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies- P18: Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve got a strange biography. I’ve been a writer all my life. My first semi-pro job was sports editor of my high school newspaper. (Go Commodores!) After college I was a political reporter for daily newspapers in Ohio and New York (I covered four national nominating conventions and two Presidential campaigns) and a correspondent for The Associated Press. And then, in 1983, I gave in to my inner geek and became the first Executive Editor of PC Magazine, back in the days when most people asked, “What is a PC?”. | 144 Putting Everything in Its Place Making and Using Folders Figure 4-3 The Windows XP registered file type system uses different terms but accomplish es the same tasks as the filename association window of Windows Vista. Putting Everything in Its Place Making and Using Folders She s got this huge pile on her desk. When it comes to the files on her computer . . . she wants to keep them on the Windows desktop too all 500 000 of them. Oh the trials and tribulations of a modern high-tech marriage. The solution is to use folders and subfolders and sub-subfolders. Figure 4-4 shows just one example of how you could organize your system. In this particular design all files are kept inside folders and subfolders within a top-level folder think of it as the file cabinet called My Documents which is one of the folders Windows automatically creates for you. One level down from My Documents are two major folders one called Business Files and the other Personal Files. They hold respectively business files or personal files . . . but you figured that out already right Another level down the business and personal files branch off again. On the business side to folders dedicated to letters financial matters and since my particular line of work involves publishing manuscripts. On the personal side folders are set up to hold private letters financial documents and digital audio and video. There s no right and wrong way to organize your computer and you can make the structure as simple or complex as you like. All that matters is that it makes sense to you . . . and that it gets the big pile of files off your desktop. Exploring Pre-Assigned Folders The Big Three 145 Figure 4-4 An organization al scheme for files for a user who stores both business and personal data on a single laptop. Business Files Letters My Documents Personal Files Financial Letters Manuscripts Financial Family Social Photos Bank Insurance Music Book II 4 Exploring Pre-Assigned Folders The Big Three The programmers

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