tailieunhanh - The official guide to the new toefl ibt part 38

Perhaps you want to improve your reading score on the TOEFL iBT The best way to improve reading skills is to read frequently and to read many different types of texts in various subject areas (sciences, social sciences, arts, business, etc.). The Internet is one of the best resources for this, but any books, magazines, or journals are very helpful as well. | ns ns Overall Language Competency Descriptors Part 2 e Total Score Scale 0-120 60 60-69 70-79 80-89 90-99 100 When I read English I often have to reread something to understand it. HH9 iM On occasion I ve misunderstood the main idea of a lecture I ve heard in English. I can understand people only when they speak English very slowly. Writing even a short text in English takes a long time lor me. I need to use my dictionary a lot when I read English. i it is very difficult to express what I mean when I speak English. I cannot f igure out what an author s opinion is in texts written in English. 1 cannot express at all what I want to say when I write in English. Speaking English even for a short time is exhausting for me. It is hard for me to ask questions in class or make presentations in English. When people speak to me in English I can understand almost nothing. I have no idea how to structure what I write in English. My spoken English is so bad that nobody understands me. Likelihood of Difficulty with Each Language Task 10 Unlikely 10-29 Slightly likely 30-49 Somewhat likely 50 Very likely 369 These statements indicate language tasks that examinees said they had difficulty with. w Reading Competency Descriptors 1 can understand major ideas when I read English I . I nJ. Liu 11 W dr m an . 1 i .h le .i i ckitc to each other. Win ii i i-. .d t n I charts .nd . tn a. .identic lexis. unJi i t Ii lisli uh .iblikuv and fthui i read. - - - - - - --------------------------------------- ii. ii I k os m Hien m English I midcrslaud the most important points. I ill i .mJ til. tel Ilin iiiipoiiami oi when I lead mi English academic text. i i mi oc .ini oi oiiilim il . impoi .on . . and . ontcpis iii English iuademic texts. W In n i i. id u i .a .ticink u -a written in English 1 can remember major ideas. W h. ii I i. .d . i d in 1 u dish 1 .m able I iigiii i out meanings of words 1 do not know In using

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