tailieunhanh - Laptops All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies- P6

Laptops All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies- P6: Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve got a strange biography. I’ve been a writer all my life. My first semi-pro job was sports editor of my high school newspaper. (Go Commodores!) After college I was a political reporter for daily newspapers in Ohio and New York (I covered four national nominating conventions and two Presidential campaigns) and a correspondent for The Associated Press. And then, in 1983, I gave in to my inner geek and became the first Executive Editor of PC Magazine, back in the days when most people asked, “What is a PC?”. | 24 Getting to the Bottom of the Box On a laptop though function keys are often assigned all sorts of special functions that exist outside the operating system and applications running under it. In Table 2-1 you can see the special assignments called Hot Keys by Toshiba given nine of the function keys on the Toshiba Satellite P205 laptop. Images courtesy Toshiba America Inc. Getting to the Bottom of the Box 25 You can keep an external keyboard on your desktop and plug it into your portable computer as a substitute for the built-in facilities when you re off the road. You can attach external keyboards to USB ports or to a PS 2 connector if the laptop maker provides one. Book I Chapter 2 Touchpads pointers and mini-mice Techie-types like to rhapsodize over the latest GL7 which they pronounce gooey. It may sound like a sticky candy but they re talking about a graphical user interface better known as one or another form of Windows. Touring a Modern Laptop At the heart of a GUI is the ability to electronically reach onto the screen and move or manipulate text images icons buttons and other elements. This works because the computer maps every viewable piece of the screen and the computer can detect actions performed at particular locations. The means to use a GUI is an onscreen cursor that you can move from place to place by a pointing device a set of buttons that you can click to indicate a selection or initiate an action. On a desktop computer the most common type of pointing device is a mouse which is moved around on a mouse pad or on the desk itself to cause a similar movement on the screen. The second most common desktop pointing device is a trackball which remains stationary but translates the manipulation of its large ball into movement on the screen. With a laptop of course the emphasis is placed on squeezing everything into a very small space and that doesn t allow room for a standard mouse and mouse pad. Instead the common designs for pointing devices on a .

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