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Laptops All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies- P5: Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve got a strange biography. I’ve been a writer all my life. My first semi-pro job was sports editor of my high school newspaper. (Go Commodores!) After college I was a political reporter for daily newspapers in Ohio and New York (I covered four national nominating conventions and two Presidential campaigns) and a correspondent for The Associated Press. And then, in 1983, I gave in to my inner geek and became the first Executive Editor of PC Magazine, back in the days when most people asked, “What is a PC?”. | 14 Approaching a Laptop Purchase The first laptop computers were offered in a somewhat similar manufacturing and marketing environment. First of all users were not meant to open the boxes. And secondly the machines were offered in just a few basic configurations. Buyers looked for a model based around a particular processor with a specific amount of RAM and a particular size of hard drive. Today though laptops own nearly half of the personal computer market share. And though many retail and online stores sell take-it-or-leave-it prepackaged laptops you can also custom configure many models by direct order from a factory or reseller. And designs now offer a wide range of sockets ports bays and openings for upgrades for currently used machines. How do you know which purchase route to take Buying a package A preconfigured package may have a number of advantages to offer you You want it now. Models are usually available in stores or from online sellers for immediate purchase. What you see is what you get and you can get it now or within a couple days if it is shipped to you . You want it cheaper. Some preconfigured models are less expensive than comparable systems that are custom ordered from a manufacturer. The reason Like Henry Ford computer makers can maximize their profit by making a whole bunch of identical models the cost of components goes down as does marketing support and maintenance. You want it without much thought. Would you be happiest picking a model off the shelf at an electronics store or from an online listing It can free you from having to make decisions. Configuring your own You may want full control over as many components of your machine as possible. Why customize You re choosy about what you want. You can get pretty close to the exact components that you need and exclude some that you don t want. As one example if you work with a lot of graphics you may want to order a machine with an extra-large hard disk drive 500MB on the road no problem and a

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