tailieunhanh - Hướng dẫn học Microsoft SQL Server 2008 part 91

Việc xem dạng cây ở khung bên trái đại diện cho hệ thống phân cấp container của gói. Các hộp kiểm tra tương ứng với tài sản của mỗi LoggingMode đối tượng: rõ ràng cho người khuyết tật, một kiểm tra màu đen cho Enabled, và kiểm tra một màu xám cho UseParentSetting (thiết lập đăng nhập thừa kế từ cha mẹ). | PartV Data Connectivity 862 tab add a provider for each output type that will be logged multiple are allowed . On the Details tab specify the events for which log entries will be written the advanced view shown in Figure 37-6 also allows selecting which columns will be included in each event s log entry. FIGURE 37-6 Advanced view of the Logging Details tab The tree view in the left pane represents the container hierarchy of the package. The check boxes correspond to each object s LoggingMode property clear for Disabled a black check for Enabled and a gray check for UseParentSetting logging settings inherited from the parent . By default all objects inherit from the package settings. Highlighting an item in the tree displays the details for that object in the current tab. Note that providers can only be configured for the package and any object with UseParentSetting will have its options grayed out in deference to its parents settings. Performing ETL with Integration Services 37 The standard log providers are as follows Text File Writes a comma-separated-value text file. Configure with an appropriate File connection manager. SQL Profiler Writes a .TRC file that can be viewed in the Profiler application. This can be a useful option when viewed with other trace or performance information within Profiler. Configure with an appropriate File connection manager. SQL Server Writes log entries to the table in the database indicated by the associated OLE DB connection manager. Any database can be chosen to host this table. If the table does not exist then it will be created on first use. Event Log Writes log entries to the Windows application event log on the computer that executes the package. No configuration is required. XML File Writes an .XML file. Configure with an appropriate File connection manager. Once a useful set of event column combinations has been constructed it can be saved as a template and reloaded on other packages. .

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