tailieunhanh - Hướng dẫn học Microsoft SQL Server 2008 part 86

Dịch vụ môi giới có thể xử lý nhóm tin phức tạp, chẳng hạn như các mục hàng nhiều đơn đặt hàng mà có thể không xuất hiện liên tiếp trong hàng đợi do các tin nhắn khác được nhận cùng một lúc. Các nhóm hội thoại có thể được sử dụng để chọn ra các thông điệp có liên quan. | PartV Data Connectivity Service Broker can handle complex message groups such as multiple line items of an order that may not appear consecutively in the queue due to other messages being received simultaneously. The conversation group can be used to select out the related messages. Monitoring Service Broker While Management Studio has no visibility in the activity of a queue nor summary page reports for the queue object you can select directly from the queue or select a count . In addition there are database catalog views to shed light on the queue SQL Trace Profiler has a Broker event class with 10 Service Broker-related events that can be traced. Summary Service Broker is one of those technologies that provides no benefit out of the box. Unless you make the effort to architect the database using Service Broker it offers no advantage. However if you do take the time to design the database using Service Broker you ll see significant scalability benefits as Service Broker queues buffer the workload. The next chapter continues the progression through SQL Server technologies and discusses and its powerful methods for connectivity. 812 Replication is an optional native SQL Server 2008 component that is used to copy data and other database objects from one database or server to another. Replication is used for many purposes listed here in order from most popular to rarely used Offloading reporting from an OLTP server to a reporting server Data consolidation for example consolidating branch office data to a central server Data distribution for example distributing data from a central server to a set of member servers to improve read performance Disaster recovery replication can be used to keep a DR disaster recovery server synchronized with the main server and clients can be manually redirected to the DR with minimal .

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