tailieunhanh - Initiative leadership prepare for success!: Expert interview guide

Tài liệu Initiative leadership prepare for success!: Expert interview guide được thực hiện nhằm đưa ra những phương pháp để giúp cho các nhà lãnh đạo nâng cao được kỹ năng phỏng vấn từ đó trở thành một chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực này. Tài liệu hữu ích với những bạn thuộc chuyên ngành Quản trị nhân sự và những bạn quan tâm tới lĩnh vực này. | Initiative Leadership Prepare For Success! Expert Interview Guide Candidate: _ Date: Interviewer: _ 1. Describe an improvement you have made to the SIMPL process, 14 point Initiative Management process, or some other aspect of P&G’s initiative management process. How did you identify the improvement, test it, and sell others on the value of changing the standard practices? (1:1) 2. Discuss actions you have taken as an initiative leader to break barriers and align senior managers to your initiative’s direction. (1:3) 3. Describe your actions as leader to keep your largest initiative “on-track.” What extra, or special skills were required or techniques did you use to accomplish this? How did your efforts on this major initiative differ from smaller programs you have led? (2:1) 4. Give an example of how you identified, communicated, and gained support from company leaders to your risk plan to eliminate, mitigate, or minimize the impacts of those risks. (2:2) 5. Describe a time when you had to gain upper management alignment and support of a decision made by your team. (2:4) 6. Share an example of how you led your team to explore and exploit a cost reduction opportunity on your initiative. (2:5) 7. Describe work you have done to gain alignment of your initiative to the GBU Portfolio and Master Plan. Describe an example from your experience of an initiative that was NOT a good fit and either was modified or dropped. (2:6) 8. Discuss how you have managed an OGSM. (2:7) 9. Share your personal principles and approach to managing teams. Give an example of how you turned a team from low-performing to high performing.(3:2) 10. Give an example of how your initiative leadership has grown team members and the benefits team members have received for having worked under your leadership. (3:3), (3:4) 11. Provide an example of a conflict between higher level functional and business leaders, or a management-imposed change that impacted your initiative. Describe your actions to resolve the issue and/or keep your team from being distracted, misled, or deenergized. (3:7) 12. Relate an example of an option you proposed to management that changed the GBU strategy and helped drive business results.(4:1) 13. Describe your current or most recent initiative with respect to its: strengths, weaknesses, competition in the marketplace, major risks, “killer” issues, and reasons for each success criteria. What options have you proposed to improve the initiative’s impact on business results? (4:3) 14. Give an example of how an early issue identification and intervention kept your initiative from being negatively impacted by goverment policies, standards, and regulations. (4:5) Additional questions assessing functional knowledge and skill to be added by interviewer. This includes the following functions: Advertising, Research and Development, Product Supply, CMK (Consumer & Market Knowledge), MDO (Market Development Organization), Finance and Accounting, Design, Artwork, Fast Cycle Learning, and External Relations. “Prepare For Success” Page: 1 Expert Interview Guide

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