tailieunhanh - Global demand for wood products

The impact on the natural habitat is of great concern at present. Increasing demand could force the destruction of natural habitats, breeding grounds, removal of winter cover, shelter beds for some species. Mechanization of agriculture saw the destruction of nests, burrows, etc. Similar impact but with greater intensity can be expected to result from energy crop plantations. Extending energy crop farming into unusable, non agricultural land can have a negative impact on that particular eco system. However, generally, energy crops are believed to have the potential to support a diverse eco system and support genetic biodiversity. Although, energy crops cannot act as a substitute for natural habitat, they can act as a support for early to mid succession species. . | Global demand for wood products Demand for wood products is one of the main drivers of investment in forest management. Although short-term market changes influence individual decision-making long-term changes in demand have a greater influence on investments in forestry and forest industry at the aggregate level. This chapter projects some of the long-term changes in the demand for wood products based on FAO 2008c . DRIVERS OF CHANGE The main factors affecting long-term global demand for wood products include Demographic changes the world s population is projected to increase from billion in 2005 to billion in 2020 and billion in 2030. Continued economic growth global GDP increased from about US 16 trillion in 1970 to US 47 trillion in 2005 at 2005 prices and exchange rates and is projected to grow to almost US 100 trillion by 2030 Figure 50 . Regional shifts developed economies accounted for most of the GDP in the period 1970-2005. The rapid growth of developing economies especially in Asia will swing the balance significantly in the next 25 years. Environmental policies and regulations more forests will be excluded from wood production. Energy policies the use of biomass including wood is increasingly encouraged. Other important factors in the wood products outlook include a decline in harvesting from natural forests and the emergence of planted forests as the major source of wood supply Box 31 and technological developments such as increased plantation productivity through tree improvement reduced wood requirements owing to expanded recycling higher recovery wider use of new composite products and production of cellulosic biofuel see the chapter Developments in forest science and technology in Part 2 . FIGURE 50 I Global gross domestic product Africa I Western and Central Asia Asia and the Pacific I Latin America and the Caribbean North America I Europe NOTE 2005 prices and exchange rates. SOURCES fAo 2008a 2008c. OUTLOOK Sawnwood Long-term annual .

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