tailieunhanh - Geographic Information System Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents

Sources of organic matter include leaves, twigs and other plant residues. A constant replenishment of organic matter is essential to maintain a healthy soil. Bio energy crops can be an important source of organic matter. Husks and press cakes of many non toxic energy crops can be used as a source of origin matter to maintain a constant cycle of replenishment. Soil acidity/alkalinity, moisture content and other factors influence the chemical quality of the soil. The chemical qualities such as the acidity/alkalinity influence the activity of micro organisms and the availability of various essential soil nutrients. Energy crops play an important role in maintaining a good chemical quality by raising the carbon content (by raising the organic content), thereby buffering soil acidity/alkalinity. . | Geographic Information System Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents A Publication of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 936 NFES 2809 March 2013 DRAFT Page 1 of 91 GIS Standard Operating Procedures GSTOP on Incidents Contents Executive Chapter 1. GISS Minimum Chapter 2. File Naming and Directory Figure Required File Name Elements 20 Figure File Name Components 23 Figure File Name Examples . 24 Figure Incident Directory Structure 25 Figure Directory Catalog Template Example 26 Figure Directory Catalog and File Names Example 27 Figure Common Abbreviations Used in File Names not all-inclusive 28 Chapter 3. Documentation and Chapter 4. Minimum Essential Table Minimum Essential Datasets for Map Products 36 Table Essential and Optional Datasets Specifications 37 Chapter 5. Map Figure Map Symbology Samples 39 Figure Standard Point Map Symbols 44 Figure Standard Line Map Symbols 45 Figure Standard Map Polygon Symbols 46 Figure Suggested Aviation Elevation Ramp FAA Legend Example 46 Figure Suggested Ownership Color Ramp 47 Chapter 6. Map Map Product Definitions Examples - Primary in order of common workflow .51 Figure Incident Action Plan IAP Map 52 Figure Briefing Map 54 Figure Situation Unit Map 56 Figure Transportation Map 58 Figure Pr ogression Map 62 Page 2 of 91 Map Product Definitions - Other in alphabetical order .63 Air Operations Areas of Special Concern Map Damage Assessment Map Facilities Map Fire Perimeter History Map Fuels Map Infrared Information Map Operations Map Ownership Land Status Map Public Information Map Rehabilitation Map Structure Protection Map Vegetation Map S346 Situation Unit Leader course also lists Facilities Map as a Primary map. Because this map is often made by someone .

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