tailieunhanh - Object-Oriented Programming in C++, 3rd Edition

The Waite Croup's Object-Oriented Programming in C+ +, Third Edition is the latest revision in a series of classic programming titles-having introduced thousand of users to object-oriented programming in C+ +. This book takes you from simple programming examples straight up to full-fledged object-oriented applications quick, real-world examples, conceptual illustrations, questions, and exercises. Covering the most current features of the ANSI/ISO C+ + standard as it applies | Object-Oriented Programming in C Third Edition Publisher Macmillan Computer Publishing Author s Robert Lafore ISBN 157169160X Publication Date 11 25 98 Introduction About the Author Preface CHAPTER 1 THE BIG PICTURE Why Do We Need Object-Oriented Programming Procedural Languages The Object-Oriented Approach Characteristics of Object-Oriented Languages Objects Classes Inheritance Reusability Creating New Data Types Polymorphism and Overloading C and C Laying the Groundwork Summary Questions CHAPTER 2 C PROGRAMMING BASICS Getting Started Basic Program Construction Functions Program Statements Whitespace Output Using cout String Constants Directives Preprocessor Directives Header Files The using Directive Comments Comment Syntax When to Use Comments Alternative Comment Syntax Integer Variables Defining Integer Variables Declarations and Definitions Variable Names Assignment Statements Integer Constants Output Variations The endl Manipulator Other Integer Types Character Variables Character Constants Initialization Escape Sequences Input with cin Variables Defined at Point of Use Cascading Expressions Precedence Floating Point Types Type float Type double and long double Floating-Point Constants The const Qualifier The define Directive Type bool The setw Manipulator Cascading the Insertion Operator Multiple Definitions The IOMANIP Header File Variable Type Summary unsigned Data Types Type Conversion Automatic Conversions Casts Arithmetic Operators The Remainder Operator Arithmetic Assignment Operators Increment Operators Library Functions Header Files Library Files Header Files and Library Files Two Ways to Use include Summary Questions Exercises CHAPTER 3 LOOPS AND DECISIONS Relational Operators Loops The for Loop Debugging Animation for Loop Variations The while Loop Precedence Arithmetic and Relational Operators The do Loop When to Use Which Loop Decisions The if Statement The Statement The Construction The switch Statement The Conditional Operator .

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