tailieunhanh - Reorder the words to make sentences

1. am / I / Laura. / Take / book. / out . / Put / your / book ! / Look / the /at / big / a / book. / is / a / is / red / pen. / today? / How’s / | Reorder the words to make sentences 1. am I Laura. à. 2. your Take book. out à. 3. away. Put your book à. 4. board Look the at à. big a book. is à. 6. This a is red pen. à. 7. weather today How s the à. This school. my à. 9. His big. is classroom . 10. there How students many are à. 11. Those red are balloons. à. in The is the bottle. à. teacher. to hello the à. 15. are ten There pencils. à. . 16. a Don t mess. make à. 17. son watch TV. Don t à. 18. the Give crayon me à. 19. a is book. This brown à. 20. hand Put down your à. 21. My dog. doesn t like father à. 22. Let us do puzzle. a à. the dog. behind The red ball à. 24. the chairs your classroom. Let s count in à. 25. Alice is in student my class. a new à. 26. your big or small bedroom Is à. 27. cooking is the kitchen. in Mother à. 28. are There in my studying room. two computers à. 29. boy is from Where the à. 30. songs. English like I to sing à. 31. are flowers. beautiful Those very à. 32. years old. John is eleven à. 33. the desk. Your brother s at is ball à. 34. friend s Is on the table school bag Linda s à. 35. then sit down. and Read aloud à. 36. and Pick up your ruler eraser. à. car. my This father s à. What your colour favorite à. to eat pizza. likes brother à. 40. your pencils children. Put away à. 41. month a year How many there in are à. the floor. There is in my sisters a carpet bedroom. à. a book case room. my There s à. 44. name is first What your à. 45. under ball is the chair Your child s in the kitchen room. à. the table the vase a cat near there Is à. 47. there Are nine students in your classroom à. 48. some more please. milk me Give à. 49. see you. nice to I m Jane. Hi It s à. 50. ten There are my classroom. in tables à. 51. write name your here. Don t à. 52. How your new old teacher is à. 53. Miss Paula teacher. new English is my à. the bed. is next The pillow to the book à. 55. are under chair. the The bananas à. 56. .

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