tailieunhanh - Recurrent Hernia Prevention and Treatment - part 10

Đan Mạch từ khi bắt đầu của sự hợp tác cơ sở dữ liệu thoát vị vào ngày 01 tháng 1 1998 cho đến khi cuối năm 2005. Phù hợp với sử dụng gia tăng của một sửa chữa Lichtenstein (khoảng 70%), sử dụng tương đối ổn định (khoảng 10%) sửa chữa nội soi ổ bụng và giảm mạnh sử dụng sửa chữa thông thường được khâu và các loại lưới khác | 386 What Can we Do to Improve Our Results Fig. . Elective primary lateral inguinal hernia All-Over Recurrence Rates Over Time in Denmark D Figu showsthe changes in the rate of operations for a recurrence in Denmark from the start of the Hernia Database c oheboralio nonJan . 1 199 the end of no of. In accordancaith theincreaaed tuia of a LichtiaHani rehaia abouC70 n rflit nelp HaHe use aboutlO Iof laparoicopce rnpicasanh aharp decrease in one sfionveationaSsuturaf repairs and othea mesh tyooa p fthe r of oparrttonsfor a aecurrince have been steadily decreasing from about 18 to 14 . The high proportion of operations for a recurrence is explained by recurrences occurring from an operation performed before 1998. Primary MfUiallnguinalHernia on shown m .aryM eddi ther e-operation rate Kaplan-Meier Plot is significantly higher after the su-amed repairolfanothei repaás and uathne síunihcant differences betwsenthernesh and laparoicouicIech-niques. 387 Standard Procedures for Standard Patients . Elective recurrent medial inhernia Primary Lateral Inguinal Hernia As seen in re-operation ratesare significantly higher after conventional sutured repairs and laparoscopic repairs than other mesh techniques. The unexpectedly increased re-operation rate after hr aro-scopicrepairsnro l Ị lainỄ dbyi1 sẹ1ffìcentsllnỉ al technique especially in bilateral hernias 3 . Recurrent Id dialMguinalderma Re-operaaion aates after reeurrert naeOial inguinal hernia repairs are again significantly higher with sutrrea arpaibS- but lower witha laparoscopic repaid compiled with other mesh techniques o Fig. . Recurrent Lateral Inguinal Hernia As showranOFio. tgeinurueod npaOs have the highest re-operation rates with no differences between the three other mesh techniques. Female Hernia We have provrousSn mparted 4 that re-operation rates are unexpectedly higher in female inguinal hernias than in malew as alsoshowdfaorn datafrorn the Swad-rh Hernia Database 5 . D .