tailieunhanh - Recurrent Hernia Prevention and Treatment - part 6

trường hợp vì hình thành seroma tiến bộ, hai bệnh nhân do xuất huyết sau phẫu thuật. Một bệnh nhân bị gián đoạn anastomotic và chết sau 60 ngày kể từ ngày do sự thất bại cơ quan viêm phúc mạc nặng và nhiều. Một bệnh nhân tử vong sau 4 ngày do tắc mạch phổi lớn. | 208 How toTreat the Recurrent Incisional Hernia cases because of progressive seroma formation two patients due to postoperative hemorrhage. One patient suffered as anastomotic disruption and died after 60 days due to severe peritonitis and multiple organ failure. Anatlee d Iler I aiter4 dtda . Id . The most frequent complications are listed in 0 Table 2a Co AU wmnd m r were erffo10 and could be taemtdbirlocbldrasdaae andstcandary healing of the wound. Most sttorn da aspirated at the surgical ward or in the office. Long-Term Pesults Five patienffdeeddunngthefollow-up period all by unrelated causes malignancies four of five . These patients wae re - . dad Csorn ft llow-up but K de cibcd tr useibalrlaatvisd csdpee btfoilow-up whicr rangedfrorndtoS a median foUow-uapenodded8momhsaa90i we PounP te patients with tostcirdep Ịt ipdhittiẠr er patients wetaaaymhiomaiicandful1y s atisffed api their situation. Two patients with a recurrence needed a re-operaUm. Pttamp whfoh rta csye was aerfonned on the contralateral side they had had a unilateral CSM initial13 combin on wttSa dy perftonetdnop-alhi Wal me arfepfowadoWy me small asyn mihe grewp with initial mere cugrnentatirn vea ut l4 2_0 Cìin patientswithrpt aurmantatioy O . who only a. a- .c. ftiundiothe arch goocp Pdnaemed a 60-year-old male BMI 30 who had a recurrent fascial defect 4bd ah o htahwat treated with theCSM ii-one byMe fl mem rdOiInhir postoperative period he developed a wound infection and Wt we discovreed ad rsympterna ta naoatoe ce a hi aw io diametey Wdae most opaníai ai 0 110 2 cm below the xiphoid possibly due to a technical _ errOT- . a . . In six pantrae Ooundooaaopreetivc 3 01011 taneous fistulae. Three of those patients had fistulae preyoperatiyetyandinari threr t tdvioPỊỌePiariohPcỊ Marlex ricai aatiia btftiaeettr ly be atmtwen and aU thteeteqdireO rc- rat 0- Thpae 0 had

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