tailieunhanh - GRIND MARKETING By The founders of SPATE MAGAZINE

If I were a cover band singer in an old-timey country music bar, I’d take this moment to dedicate a slow tune to the unemployed, or the recently-not-promoted. | GRIND MARKETING By The founders of SPATE MAGAZINE Antoine King and Rondell Maddox aka MaddMann Published by SPATE Publishing SPATE Full eBook coming soon 1 Grind Marketing Contents What is Grind Marketing -------3 How to market products online---4 Make people love you-----------6 Grind marketing website coming soon SPATE 2 Grind Marketing What is Grind Marketing Grind marketing was founded by Antoine King and Rondell Maddox. They wanted to give marketers with a small budget easy ways to make more sales. If you are not making sales you are not making profits so Grind marketing focuses on how to market a small business with very little money. Antoine King is a business graduate and Rondell Maddox is an award winning hip hop artist. They have years of experience in the entertainment industry and that s what makes them very valuable businessmen. 3 Grind .

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