tailieunhanh - Đề thi anh văn số 12 - Cao đẳng, Bán công và Quản trị Doanh nghiệp

Tham khảo tài liệu 'đề thi anh văn số 12 - cao đẳng, bán công và quản trị doanh nghiệp', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | DE SO 12 TRƯỜNG CAO ĐẲNG BAN CONG CONG NGHỆ VA QUAN TRỊ DOANH NGHIỆP NAM 2005 CÂU 1 Chon cau tra lời đúng A B C hoặc D cho moi cau sau đây 1. Tony is my uncle s son. He is my. a. nephew b. half-brother c. cousin d. relativity 2. The new perfume smells. doesn t it a. dry b. nicely c. sweetly d. nice 3. Margaret is good. He can type 60 words per minute. a. typer b. type c. typist d. typewriter today. a. A sun b. the sun c. A sun d d. The sun s 5. Go to the shop and . a. some b. any 6. What is your teacher. a. like b. liked 7. He is a tall man. a. of long hairs c. of long hair 8. My classroom one. a. as big as b. as big that 9. He is a fairly wealthy man. a. big b. important c. a d. much c. liking d. does like b. with long hairs d. with long hair c. so big as d. so big that c. rich d. strong 10. The scientists are doing their experiments in the. a. laboratory b. laundry c. museum d. corridor 11. a person who sells flowers a. florist b. chemist c. vendor d. chauffeur 12. If you want to have a table made you must call a. a. mechanic b. plumber c. carpenter d. fortune-teller 13. My dress is very . a. with b. from c. as d. towards 14. I don t feel . He doesn t work hard enough. a. for b. about c. with d. to 15. Mr. Bradley has gone to New . a. in b. by c. on d. with 16. I m going to the theatre tonight. - So. a. will I b. I will c. am I d. do I 17. it from here to your place a. long b. long way c. far 18. I wish to do. a. know b. knew c. have known 19. I want to get a earn more money. a. employment b. work c. employ 20. work when I saw the accident. d. much far d. would know d. job a. shall drive b. am driving c. drove d. was driving. 21. Now night. a. am used to work b. am used to working c. used to working d. used to work 22. Would you speak about the new plan a. let b. allow c. ask d. tell 23. He told me that he. a. had already the film seen c. the film had .