tailieunhanh - A Consumer’s Guide to: Auto Insurance - Mike Kreidler

The relationship with local governments and local communities is a new concept accompanying the idea of decentralization. In Bolivia, citizen participation is a condition for receiving fund support. Not only is it a condition, but increasingly municipalities have to cofinance projects. Cen- tral governments are transferring resources to the municipalities, and citizen participation decides which projects the municipality wants to cofinance. Cofinancing is realigning the funds with communities, and it is helping them to prepare development plans | A Consumer s Guide to Auto Insurance Choosing and using your auto insurance coverage I Washington State Office of the _Insurance Commissioner Dear auto insurance consumer Auto insurance is one of the most personal kinds of coverage we purchase. Yet my office receives more complaints about auto insurance than any other type of coverage. While we are able to solve many of those problems complaints too often involve discrepancies between what consumers thought they were buying and the actual coverage they receive. This guide will help you understand how auto insurance works and what coverage is right for you. The Office of the Insurance Commissioner OIC publishes additional guides fact sheets and other information to educate and assist consumers. All are available on the OIC s Web site at under Types of insurance. Also if you need help with an insurance problem or want to file a complaint call our Insurance Consumer Hotline toll free at 1 -800-562-6900. We re here to help you. Sincerely Mike Kreidler Washington State Insurance Commissioner Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner Understanding your auto insurance policy Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. It spells out exactly what the company agrees to do in exchange for the premium that you pay. This contract is divided into two sections a declarations page and the policy itself. The declarations page This section of the policy includes basic details of the agreement. It is important that you review this page to make sure all the information is correct and all the coverages you requested are included. The declarations page includes Name of the insurance company Name s of the policyholder s Policy number Policy period Description of the vehicle s insured Coverages purchased Limits of liability and deductibles purchased Premium charge for each coverage List of forms that are a part of the policy The policy The second part