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The IDB hired consultants who looked in-depth at social funds in Bo- livia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. They spoke to recipients of projects and assessed their satisfac- tion. The IDB examined these projects for sustainability; it also did a desk study of all social funds. Social funds were created as a response to an alarming rise in poverty. Some social funds have political objectives. FONAPAS helped in the consolidation of the peace process in Guatemala. FONCODES was aimed at ensuring governability in frontier regions of Peru. The second social fund in Bolivia is linked to decentralization. In Chile FOSIS is showing that the government is. | What you 1 need to know about dire insurance A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION WWW. lifehappens. org Chances are you need life insurance Life insurance is a simple answer to a very difficult question How will my family manage financially when I die It s a subject no one really wants to think about. But if someone depends on you financially it s one you cannot avoid. There are many types of life insurance but for all of them the bottom line is the same They pay cash to your family after you die allowing loved ones to remain financially secure. Life insurance payments can be used to cover daily living expenses mortgage payments outstanding loans college tuition and other essential expenses. And importantly the death-benefit proceeds of a life insurance policy are almost never subject to federal income taxes. If you ve worked hard to establish a solid financial framework for your family investments home equity a savings plan retirement accounts life insurance is the foundation upon which it all rests. It can guard against the need for your loved ones to make drastic changes to future plans when you die. Certain types of life insurance even have a built-in cash-accumulation feature that can help you reach savings goals. Most Americans need life insurance and many who already have it may need to update their coverage. This guide will inform you of your options and help you put together an insurance program that s right for you. A Mother s Wish When Jackie Blanchard s husband died at a young age with only enough life insurance to pay for his funeral Jackie vowed that her young daughters Ebony and Shanna would be financially secure if anything were to happen to her. To keep this promise Jackie bought the best life insurance she could afford. Two years after purchasing her policy Jackie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She invoked a provision in her policy that allowed for an early payout to a terminally ill policyholder and was able to withdraw 75 percent of the proceeds .