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Đối với các khóa học cấp cơ sở / cao cấp, văn bản này có một thực tế, cách tiếp cận thực tế chi phí kế toán. Ví dụ công ty thực tế giúp giải thích các khái niệm và lý thuyết, và nhấn mạnh quản lý thông tin kế toán được sử dụng cho việc ra quyết định. | Cost Accounting TRAOITIONI AND INN0MAII0N8 c - Copyrighted Material Cost Accounting TRADITIONS ANO INNOVATIONS 4 Timeless Tradition. Priceless Innovation. rm xoirsựlt with valuable Cost aicouniing know lum s sun. to die wav ro future Inisiness .success Cost tccoiinimg Traditions and Innovations 4e is Kicked Willi ưíi-d and true pixxluit costing methods. Plus iuiicnainc acthiiy-l 1scd topics IO enhance UUVIVM - including examples from the business press and world applications shelving Ixny cost acct nulling affects companies ociy day Readable WiiUcn ill a clear accessible sty le that makes lite suhfcci niaiteccjs to u Ik k-ĩMand arid 1 lie It pit KOS cnioy able - . I Opening and closing vignettes feature real companies to illustrate chapter - X contvhi. making ilk- mak till even motv impelling. - w Ì . Relevant Topical etnerage is I cnging and cuiicni. I K using on factois affgeting kxlav s changim including Ik- i 111 pact ol strategic inanagc-incnt. workforce diversity. . c-coinnicrcc. and more I pdated -Nvws Xotvs ihsx Uss ciincnl IkisiiX ss ĨSMU-S relating Io content. Reliable and flexible Ml mau completely up to date and Ills lx n wiiliiil l HT .iccuiịky I ail- cMỉ inỉ .-d in a S . I nd alone . pnnkling added flexibility aikl lie option to tailor instiuciion and learning. 1 È . hill__J__ SOUTH WrSTFRN ------ ---- IHOMUM UAKNMCt ISSN 0-3ỔU-02kUS-5 x r U1 cn tfr n fr t Copyrighted Material Brief Contents Part 1 Overview 1 chapter 1 hap4cr 2 Introduction to Com and MafUrgarertt Axiimnting in a C Mmỉ Ikwnec imvuTaaciY 2 Introduction to Com .Mjfugnncnr Syttems 1 Part 2 Systems and Methods of Product Costing 75 chapter Ạ Chapter I chapter 6 c Kapler 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Orxjruzaixtful Com Howi 76 .ScthiiY-Hawd CM Syflrm for Management 130 fob í róư Cãctting 172 Phxe CoMMg 21 Spctial Production Ixmoo. Lott Cnáx ard Acxwtitxi .