tailieunhanh - On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict -Thinking About the Fundamentals

. All of these sources, Sharp points out, depend on the obedience and cooperation of those subject to the power . to nonviolent action; cf., “One and the wnie principle underlies a11 these various manifestations [forms of nonviolent coercion], and that is a strategic recognition of . | On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict Thinking About the Fundamentals On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict Thinking About the Fundamentals Robert L. Helvey The Albert Einstein Institution Copyright 2004 by Robert Helvey All rights reserved including translation rights. Printed in the United States of America. First Edition July 2004 Printed on recycled paper. This publication was prepared pursuant to the United States Institute of Peace USIP Grant SG-127-02S September 19 2002 This publication has been printed with the assistance of the Connie Grice Memorial Fund. Connie Grice was Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution 1986-1988. With her experience in the civil rights movement and deep commitment to a peaceful and just world she played a crucial role in the early years of the Institution. Although her life was cut too short we who worked with her know that she would have been very happy that her memory could continue to support the work of this Institution. The Connie Grice Fund was established by her husband William Spencer and her sister Martha Grice. The Albert Einstein Institution 427 Newbury Street Boston MA 02115-1801 USA Tel USA 617-247-4882 Fax USA 617-247-4035 E-mail einstein@ Web site ISBN .

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