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Dịch vụ Thông báo Update là cách duy nhất để kiểm tra các bản cập nhật cho Firefox, chủ đề, và phần mở rộng cùng một lúc. Các nút Update trong cả các mở rộng và Chủ đề cửa sổ kiểm tra các bản cập nhật chỉ dành cho | 204 Part IV Hacking Navigation Downloads and Searching Figure 11-8 Download Statusbar extension options window Showing Download Manager in the Sidebar or Tab with Download Manager Tweak Extension On the surface this extension appears to be a cute overlay to the internal Downloads Manger as shown in Figure 11-9 but when you dig into the options you ll find that there are a few other interesting tweaks and possible hacks that you can apply. Nice hidden features include the following Specify Download Manger window open delay. Specify buttons to show in the Download Manager window. Move the toolbar in the window and other minor tweaks. Another nice customization is placement of the Download Manager whether you want it in a new window in the sidebar or in a tab. The basic features fit the extension s name aptly but don t do it justice with respect to what it really provides. There are three ways to get to the Download Manager Tweak options and settings. You can open the Extension Manger and double-click on the extension s entry on the list. click the Options button on the Download Manger s toolbar. access it via the Tools Options menu in the Downloads section by clicking the Download Manager Tweak Options button there. Chapter 11 Download and Plugin Hacks 205 Figure 11-10 displays the options available for this extension. Figure 11-9 Download Manager Tweak customized version of the Download Manager FIGURE 11-10 Download Manager Tweak options and settings For more information on the Download Manger Tweak extension visit http . 206 Part IV Hacking Navigation Downloads and Searching Disabling Blank Download Windows with the Disable Targets for Downloads Extension One of the most annoying things about downloading files off the Internet is the insistence of web masters HTML coders and automated download sites on adding a target field to a file s download link. You have probably seen this for example you click to download and when you do a .

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