tailieunhanh - kelly l murdock 3ds Max 2009 Bible phần 6

Trình đơn Con đường bao gồm các tùy chọn cho việc thiết lập và thay đổi đường dẫn cho các tài sản khác nhau. Highlight lệnh Tài sản Editable chọn tất cả các tài sản trong giao diện Theo dõi tài sản có các đường dẫn có thể thay đổi. Thông thường, chỉ có các tập tin tối đa cơ sở được nạp từ Vault không thể được chỉnh sửa. | Part VI Advanced Modeling FIGURE The History dialog box lets you access older versions of a file. Changing asset paths The Path menu includes options for setting and changing the paths for the various assets. The Highlight Editable Assets command selects all assets in the Asset Tracking interface that have paths that can change. Typically only the base Max file loaded from the Vault cannot be edited. The Set Path command opens a simple dialog box where you can browse to a new path for an asset. This is helpful if the asset has moved and is marked as missing. The Path menu also includes commands for retargeting the root path which is the path that all assets have in common stripping the path from an asset so that only the filenames are visible making the path absolute or relative to the project folder and converting paths to the Universal Naming Convention UNC . Working with proxies The Proxy System lets you use proxy texture maps in place of high-resolution maps across all objects in the scene. Using the Proxies menu you can enable the use of proxies set the global settings for the proxy system and set the proxy resolution to use. The table view also displays the current proxy resolution for each asset and its status. curt r Bitmap Proxies can be used outside of Vault. For information on using them see Chapter 22 lAliiw Learning to Render a Scene. Tutorial Editing a Vault asset The real advantage of an asset tracking system comes when a team is working on the same project. It allows only one person to work on an asset at a time but still lets other view the file as needed. To edit a Vault asset follow these steps 1. Select the File o Open from Vault menu command. In the Vault Log In dialog box that appears enter the correct Username Password Server and Database and then press OK. 2. In the Open File from Vault dialog box that appears select the asset file that you want to edit and click the Open button. A dialog box appears asking if you want to check out the

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