IN undertaking to write a biography of Samuel Champlain, the founder of Quebec and the father of New France, our only design is to make somewhat better known the dominant characteristics of the life and achievements of a man whose memory is becoming more cherished as the years roll on. Every one will admire Champlain's disinterested actions, his courage, his loyalty, his charity, and all those noble and magnificent qualities which are rarely found united in one individual in so prominent a degree. . | THE MAKERS OF CANADA CHAMPLAIN BY N. E. DIONNE TORONTO MORANG CO. LIMITED 1912 Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada in the year 1905 by Morang Co. Limited in the Department of Agriculture. CONTENTS CHAPTER I CHAMPLAIN S FIRST VOYAGE TO AMERICA 1 CHAPTER II ACADIA STE. CROIX ISLAND PORT ROYAL 17 CHAPTER III THE FOUNDING OF QUEBEC 39 CHAPTER IV CHAMPLAIN S VOYAGES OF 1610 1611 1613 59 CHAPTER V THE RÉCOLLETS AND THEIR MISSIONS 81 CHAPTER VI WAR AGAINST THE IROQUOIS 1615 101 CHAPTER VII FUR TRADE 119 CHAPTER VIII CHAMPLAIN THE JESUITS AND THE SAVAGES 143 CHAPTER IX THE COMPANY OF NEW FRANCE OR HUNDRED ASSOCIATES 167 CHAPTER X THE CAPITULATION OF QUEBEC 1629 .

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