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Tài liệu tham khảo cho các bạn đọc để cũng cố trình độ đọc hiểu của mình và nâng cao được khả năng từ vựng | HOT ENGLISH MAGAZINE 60 MINUTE CD Learning English is fun and easy with. ulliini I HE DEO I Better than all the rest MON comics slang film business travel jokes music interviews listenings EDITOR S INTRO number 1 Hi there Welcome to the first full edition of Hot English Magazine Russia We ve got loads of great stuff for you in this magazine so here goes The Hot English Pilot Issue April May was a great success around st. Petersburg so we decided to print the Summer Edition of the magazine with 32 pages and a great CD with accents To celebrate this we ve organised a great launch party for Friday the 11th June. It starts at the British Consulate Ploshchad Proletarskoy Diktatury from 18 00 till 20 00 followed by an after-party at the Red Uon Pub from 20 30 till the last man or woman standing Any Hot English reader can come just enter the competition and well Invite you The final winner of the Summer Grand Prix will be decided at the launch party - Moving On Courses have provided two weeks free on their language course In Ireland and Sindbad Travel have provided free return flights to Dublin SOMEBODY MUST WIN see the competition information on the backpage. We ve also lined up loads of other sponsors to help at the launch party MET Cafe and the North-West Coffee Company will have a cappuccino bar and provide canapes and sandwiches Baltic Bread are making US a 50 kilogramme cakel The Red Lion Pub is providing Irish beers all In all it s going to be a great party The results of last months writing competition are on the back page - congratulations to Dmitry Filonov for winning and thanks to Britannia Bookshop for providing the prizes. If you re a teacher or student you may like to sign up for the Hot English newsletter. This Is a monthly e-mail that we ll send you with a Hot English article complete with teachers notes and photocopiable sheets with exercises to use In class. Just send US an e-mail at newsletter@ saying .