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(hoặc hệ điều hành khác), thường trình cài đặt sẽ tự động nhắc bạn để định dạng đĩa. Nếu bạn đã thêm một đĩa cứng, bạn cần phải định dạng nó bằng tay. Thực hiện theo các bước trong cả Windows Vista hoặc Windows XP: 1. Bắt đầu máy tính của bạn. Khi Windows khởi động | 104 Part II Intermediate Map a Drive to a Network Folder If you want to use the same network folder frequently you can map a drive letter to it. Windows then establishes the drive mapping each time you log on and you can access the folder via its drive letter directly from a Computer window. To map a drive to a network folder follow these steps 1. Using the instructions earlier in this section open a Windows Explorer window and then navigate so that the window shows the folder you want to map. 2. Right-click the folder in the main part of the window and choose Map Network Drive to display the Map Network Drive dialog box shown here . Windows automatically enters the network path to the folder in the Folder text box. 3. In the Drive drop-down list Windows automatically assigns the last unused letter of the alphabet Z first X if Z is used and so on. You can choose another letter if you prefer. 4. Make sure the Reconnect At Logon check box is selected. 5. Click the Finish button. Windows maps the drive to the network folder. Project 10 Recover from Windows Disasters with Knoppix What You ll Need Hardware USB key or USB drive optional Software Knoppix Cost Free to 10 . Sometimes Windows disagrees with itself badly. Or with your PC s hardware. Or with its horoscope. Or maybe it gets a virus Trojan horse or other malware. Or your antivirus program decides it simply doesn t like you anymore. When one of these problems happens you may find that you can no longer start Windows as usual. That means you can t access any of your files your pictures. .your videos. .not even your e-mail messages. To get Windows working again you may need to repair it or reinstall it in a different folder. That can bring problems of its own because you may not be able to access the files within your user account. So before you mess with your PC you should make a copy of all the files you value so that they re safe even if the problems Windows is suffering turn out to be really .

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