tailieunhanh - 10 Steps to a Better Lifeby Roman Soluk

What Are the Forces That Shape Your Current Reality? The Role of Your Mind & Self-Image Many people do not give much attention to the thoughts that go through their mind and yet these thoughts are what form their life. You create and attract into your life according to the thoughts you hold, especially those thoughts that are in your deep mind. In this report you will learn a lot about how opportunities are created, and how you can | 10 Steps to a Better Life by Roman Soluk 2010 Roman Soluk Optimistic Lifestyle - 10 Steps to a Better Life 1 Contents 1. 2. The necessity of 3. Analyze 4. Healthy 5. Become more 6. Give up bad 7. Ignore a non-constructive 8. Manage your 9. Stay 10. Help 11. Be an Optimistic Lifestyle - 10 Steps to a Better Life 2 Introduction Before I start let me introduce myself. My name is Roman Soluk. I am a professional translator and a blogger. But first of all I m a person who aims at improving life. In my life there was a time when I had plenty of different fears and later some of them became a reality. And then I decided to make a change to cope with my problems to improve my personality health to achieve my goals. For me two main principles of this change were Desire and Faith. Without them I wouldn t do anything. And I must say I really succeed. I changed my thoughts . now I try to avoid bad thoughts I gave up smoking improved my health improved my relationships with my beloved and finally got married. Though it s not the end. I still have plenty of things to do in my life to achieve my other life goals to make my family happy etc. Later after experiencing all those problems and changes in my life I decided to set up my own blog that would help people to change their lives for the better. And here it is now -Optimistic Lifestyle . It is a frequently updated blog that helps people to change their lives to enjoy it to improve their personality and health. Today I offer you this free report which is based on my own experience. It will help you to make the necessary steps to better life. They ve already helped me now it s your turn. Optimistic Lifestyle - 10 Steps to a Better Life

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