tailieunhanh - Peterson’s TOEFL SUCCESS 2005

If you are preparing for the TOEFL test, you are not alone. Almost a million people all over the world took the test last year. A high score on this test is an essential step in being admitted to graduate or undergraduate programs at almost all colleges and universities in North America. But preparing for this test can be a difficult, frustrating experience. Perhaps you haven’t taken many standardized, multiple-choice tests such as the TOEFL. Perhaps you are not familiar with the format for the computer-based TOEFL. Maybe you’ve taken the TOEFL once but were not satisfied with your score, or maybe you’ve taken the test several times but can’t improve your score beyond a. | Peterson s iflErn SUCCESS 2005 u Bruce Rogers THOIV1SON PETERSON S Australia Canada Mexico Singapore Spain United Kingdom United States THOMSON jệc PETERSON S About The Thomson Corporation and Peterson s The Thomson Corporation with 2002 revenues of US billion is a global leader in providing integrated information solutions to business and professional customers. The Corporation s common shares are listed on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges TSX TOC NYSE TOC . Its learning businesses and brands serve the needs of individuals learning institutions corporations and government agencies with products and services for both traditional and distributed learning. Peterson s is a leading provider of education information and advice with books and online resources focusing on education search test preparation and financial aid. Its Web site offers searchable databases and interactive tools for contacting educational institutions online practice tests and instruction and planning tools for securing financial aid. Peterson s serves 110 million education consumers annually. publishing Check out our Web site at publishing to see if there is any new information regarding the test and any revisions or corrections to the content of this book. We ve made sure the information in this book is accurate and up-to-date however the test format or content may have changed since the time of publication. TOEFL is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service ETS . The author and the publisher are in no way affiliated with ETS nor has ETS endorsed the contents of this text in any way. The test questions and all other testing information are provided in their entirety by the author and Peterson s. TOEFL Success is adapted from The Complete Guide to The TOEFL Test CBT Edition by Bruce Rogers and published by Heinle Heinle Thomson Learning. TOEFL Success is published with a CD. The CD will allow you to practice what you have .

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