tailieunhanh - Assessment of Sources air, water, and land population

Every year in the . factories release over 3 million tons of toxic chemicals into the land, air and water. This hazardous waste causes us to lose over 15 million acres of land every year, it leads to respiratory complications and other health problems and it makes our rivers and lakes too polluted for us to swim in and drink. | WHO PEF GETNET B DISTR LIMITED ENGLISH ONLY Environmental Technology Series Assessment of Sources of Air Water and Land Pollution A Guide to Rapid Source Inventory Techniques and THEIR Use in Formulating Environmental Control Strategies Part Two Approaches for Consideration IN Formulating Environmental Control Strategies BY Alexander p. Economopoulos Democritos University of Thrace World Health Organization Geneva 1993 CONTENTS i PART II Approaches for Consideration in Formulating Environmental Control Strategies Preface Introduction 7. Systems Analysis in Environmental Management 8. Management of Air Pollution 9. Management of Water Pollution 10. Management of Solid Wastes Appendix I Environmental Quality Guidelines Appendix II UN Classification of Industries and Services Appendix III Conversion Factors and Selected Material Properties Appendix IV List of Abbreviations PREFACE Environmental management is often referred to as an art rather than as a science. The past twenty years has seen considerable progress toward revising this image. Numerous examples can be cited which show that proper planning can significantly reduce the impact of human activities upon the environment Economopoulos JAPCA 37 8 Ị987 . The difficulties in formulating sound environmental management programmes are especially pronounced in developing countries and there is a need for practical tools that are suitable for widespread implementation and that permit the standardization of the critical initial stages of the planning process. This book attempts to address these requirements. Some years ago WHO published a book entitled Rapid Assessment of Sources of Air Water and Land Pollution WHO offset publication No. 62 1982 which focused primarily on the source inventory aspects of the management process. Translated into several languages it has been widely distributed and the procedure described has been the subject of numerous training courses. The Rapid Assessment procedure has been found .

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