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How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P16: My thanks to the terrifically creative and knowledgeable staff at Osborne, particularly acquisitions editor Megg Bonar and acquisitions coordinator Alissa Larson for their responsiveness and flexibility. Special thanks to technical editor Steve Bain, not only for his insight and attentiveness to accuracy, but also for actively coming up with many ideas for content. | CHAPTER 3 Selecting the Right Scanner 59 Link to technical support The Hewlett-Packard website 3 FIGURE 3-5 service Link to customer The Visioneer website FIGURE 3-6 60 How to Do Everything with Your Scanner For example as of the writing of this book I found a scanner with 600x1200 dpi optical resolution and a 30-bit depth for only 50. The site shown in Figure 3-7 offers good service as well. You have access to customer support both by telephone and email. There s also a fairly liberal return policy. FIGURE 3-7 The website is for bargain hunters. CHAPTER 3 Selecting the Right Scanner 61 Precaution Check the Service Record of the Online Vendor When shopping on line you can find out about the service and privacy reputation of the online vendor. The website at shown in Figure 3-8 provides a consumer rating service for online vendors. The supplier sites are evaluated 3 based on customer support and service reliability and adherence to privacy standards for your credit-card information. Home About Gomez Career pnvacv Policy Copyright 2Q01 Gomez Inc. FIGURE 3-8 Gomez rates online computer vendors for .

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