tailieunhanh - Economic Policy Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow phần 7

Tại sao không? Không phải là nó tuyệt vời để bán nhiều hơn? Ví dụ, chủ sở hữu của một nhà hàng trong khu phố của một nhà máy sản xuất đạn dược cho biết: "Đó thực sự là tuyệt vời công nhân vũ khí có nhiều tiền hơn, có rất nhiều người trong số họ bây giờ hơn trước, | 60 ECONOMIC POLICY And they are buying from other people who are manufacturing and selling the commodities that these munitions makers want. These other people form a second group. And this second group considers inflation to be very good for business. Why not Isn t it wonderful to sell more For example the owner of a restaurant in the neighborhood of a munitions factory says It is really marvelous The munitions workers have more money there are many more of them now than before they are all patronizing my restaurant I am very happy about it. He does not see any reason to feel otherwise . The situation is this those people to whom the money comes first now have a higher income and they can still buy many commodities and services at prices which correspond to the previous state of the market to the condition that existed on the eve of inflation. Therefore they are in a very favorable position. And thus inflation continues step by step from one group of the population to another. And all those to whom the additional money comes at the early state of inflation are benefited because they are buying some things at prices still corresponding to the previous stage of the the exchange ratio between money and commodities. But there are other groups in the population to whom this additional money comes much much later. These people are in an unfavorable position. Before the additional money comes to them they are forced to pay higher prices than they paid before for some or for practically all of the commodities they wanted to purchase while their income has remained the same or has not increased proportionately with prices. Consider for instance a country like the United States during the Second World War on the one hand inflation Inflation 61 at that time favored the munitions workers the munitions industries the manufacturers of guns while on the other hand it worked against other groups of the population. And the ones who suffered the greatest disadvantages from .

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