tailieunhanh - A Power Audit of EU-Russia Relations by Mark Leonard & Nicu Popescu

Russia’s growing confidence has transformed the EU-Russia relationship. It is the Kremlin that puts issues on the agenda, pursues them in the face of European opposition and increasingly defines the rules of the game. On energy, Russia is picking off individual EU member states and signing long- term deals which undermine the core principles of the Union’s common strategy. On Kosovo, Russia is blocking progress at the United Nations. In the Caucasus and Central Asia, Moscow has effectively shut the Union out of an area where it has an interest in promoting political reform, resolving conflicts and forging energy partnerships. And. | A Power Audit of EU-Russia Relations Mark Leonard Nicu Popescu POLICY PAPER EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON FOREIGN relations ABOUT ECFR The European Council on Foreign Relations was launched in October 2007 to promote a more integrated European foreign policy in support of shared European interestsand values. with its unique structure ECFR brings a genuinely panEuropean perspective on Europe s role in the world ECFR was founded by a council whose members include serving and former ministers and parliamentarians business leaders distinguished academics journalists and public intellectuals. Their aim is to promote a new strategic culture at the heart of European foreign policy. With offices in seven countries ECFR s in-house policy team brings together some of Europe s most distinguished analysts and policy entrepreneurs to provide advice and proposals on the EU s big global challenges. ECFR s pan-European advocacy and campaigns will work through the internet and the media to make the necessary connections between innovative thinking policy-making and civic action. ECFR is backed by the Soros Foundations Network Sigrid Rausing fRiDE the Communitas Foundation and Dr. Hannes Androsch. ECFR works in partnerships with other organisations but does not make grants to individuals or institutions. Mark Leonard Executive Director Hans Wolters Deputy Director Ulrike Guérot Senior Policy Fellow Head of Berlin Office José Ignacio Torreblanca Senior Policy Fellow Head of Madrid Office jitorreblanca@ Thomas Klau Editorial Director Head of Paris Office Ognyan Minchev Senior Policy Fellow Head of Sofia Office Cvetelina Buncheva Program Assistant Anthony Dworkin Senior Policy Fellow John Fox Senior Policy Fellow Francois Godement Senior Policy Fellow Richard Gowan Policy

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