tailieunhanh - Economic Policy Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow phần 5

đã thu hút công nhân từ việc làm khác, từ các bộ phận khác của đất nước, thậm chí từ các nước khác và cách duy nhất để làm điều này là cung cấp cho người lao động mức lương cao hơn cho công việc của họ Đây là những gì đã diễn ra trong những ngày đầu của chủ nghĩa tư bản, | 36 ECONOMIC POLICY more correct Socialism in Russia has not brought about an improvement in the conditions of the average man which can be compared with the improvement of conditions during the same period in the United States In the United States you hear of something new of some improvement almost every week. These are improvements that business has generated because thousands and thousands of business people are trying day and night to find some new product which satisfies the consumer better or is less expensive to produce or better and less expensive than the existing products. They do not do this out of altruism they do it because they want to make money. And the effect is that you have an improvement in the standard of living in the United States which is almost miraculous when compared with the conditions that existed fifty or a hundred years ago. But in Soviet Russia where you do not have such a system you do not have a comparable improvement. So those people who tell US that we ought to adopt the Soviet system are badly mistaken. There is something else that should be mentioned. The American consumer the individual is both a buyer and a boss. When you leave a store in America you may find a sign saying Thank you for your patronage. Please come again. But when you go into a shop in a totalitarian country be it in present-day Russia or in Germany as it was under the regime of Hitler the shopkeeper tells you You have to be thankful to the great leader for giving you this. In socialist countries it is not the seller who has to be grateful it is the buyer. The citizen is not the boss the boss is the Central Committee the Central Office. Those socialist committees and leaders and dictators are supreme and the people simply have to obey them. 3rd Lecture Interventionism A famous very often quoted phrase says That government is best which governs least. I do not believe this to be a correct description of the functions of a good government. Government ought to do

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