Quản lý phóng xạ dữ liệu Mục đích của việc lấy mẫu và khảo sát phóng xạ môi trường là để tạo ra dữ liệu. Kế hoạch lấy mẫu và phân tích tập trung vào việc xác định cách dữ liệu sẽ được tạo ra, và đến một mức độ ít hơn, làm thế nào họ sẽ được sử dụng. Ít quan tâm thường được trả tiền để làm thế nào dữ liệu sẽ được quản lý trong quá trình nghiên cứu thực địa và sau khi nghiên cứu thực địa được hoàn thành. Việc thiếu một hệ thống quản lý. | CHAPTER 7 Radiological Data Management The purpose of sampling and surveying in radiological environments is to generate data. Sampling and Analysis Plans focus on specifying how data will be generated and to a lesser extent how they will be used. Less attention is typically paid to how data will be managed during fieldwork and after fieldwork is completed. The lack of a data management system and a detailed data management plan can severely impact the effectiveness of sampling and surveying efforts. For complex settings that involve multiple sampling programs across a site or over time integrating managing and preserving information garnered from each of these sampling programs may be crucial to the overall success of the characterization and remediation effort. Environmental data management systems comprise the hardware software and protocols necessary to integrate organize manage and disseminate data generated by a sampling and analysis program. Data management plans describe how an environmental data management system will be used to address the data management needs of sampling and analysis programs. This chapter reviews the objectives of data management programs describes the components of a typical data management system and discusses data management planning for successful radiological data management programs. DATA MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES Radiological data management serves two basic objectives. The first is to ensure that data collected as part of sampling and surveying programs are readily available to support the site-specific decisions that must be made. The second is to preserve information in a manner that ensures its usefulness in the future and satisfies regulatory requirements for maintaining a complete administrative record of activities at a site. These two objectives impose very specific and at times contradictory requirements on data management plans and systems. 291 2001 by CRC Press LLC 292 SAMPLING AND SURVEYING RADIOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTS