Amonn có vẻ như sẵn sàng thừa nhận rằng đó là một hệ thống kinh tế thuần túy có thể hữu ích như là một phụ trợ Khoa học kinh tế, nhưng ông ngăn cản mình làm cho nó trở thành cơ sở của hệ thống chính bằng cáchnhư về kinh nghiệm nội tâm. | m RELATIVITY OF ECONOMIC QUANTITIES 71 away at great length about the rate of interest and its possible causes without ever having realised the fundamental part played by prices costs and interest rates in the organisation of production. - In the modern treatment this is impossible. In the modern treatment discussion of production is an integral part of the theory of equilibrium. It is shown how factors of production are distributed between the production of different goods by the mechanism of prices and costs how given certain fundamental data interest rates and price margins determine the distribution of factors between production for the present and production for the The doctrine of division of labour heretofore so disagreeably technological becomes an integral feature of a theory of moving equilibrium through time. Even the question of internal organisation and administration now becomes related to an outside network of relative prices and costs and since this is how things work in practice what is at first sight the greater remoteness of pure theory in fact brings US much nearer to reality. 1 The best discussions are to be found in Wicksell Lectures on Political Economy vo .i. pp. 100-206 Hans Mayer Produktion in the Handwdrterbuch der Staatswissenschajten CHAPTER IV THE NATURE OF ECONOMIC GENERALISATIONS 1. We have now sufficiently discussed the subjectmatter of Economics and the fundamental conceptions associated therewith. But we have not yet discussed the nature of the generalisations whereby these conceptions are related. We have not yet discussed the nature and derivation of economic laws. This therefore is the purpose of the present chapter. When it is completed we shall be in a position to proceed to our second main task investigation of the limitations and significance of this system of generalisations. 2. It is the object of this essay to arrive at conclusions which are based on the inspection of Economic Science as it actually exists. Its