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Tham khảo bài viết 'bài giảng công nghệ môi trường_29', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | PROCESS DESCRIPTION ogen transformations in biological treatment processes PROCESS DESCRIPTION Nitrate feed Return activated sludge Most common process used ĩLf. Ịị BODinf provide electron donor l Substrate denitrification Teanoxic denitrificatior a substrate VAN LANG UNIVERSITY DENTEMA Influent PROCESS DESCRIPTION MOCROBIOLOGY Aerobic nitrification Effluent eterotrophic bacteria Return activated sludge Electron donor is from endogenous decay Postanoxic denitrification Much slower rate than preanoxic process Add exogenous carbon source CH3OH b endogenous driven postanoxic denitrification VAN LANG UNIVERSITY - DENTEMA Achromobacter Acinetobacter Agrobacterium Alcaligenes Arthrobacter Bacillus Chromobacterium Corynebacterium Flavobacterium Hypomicrobium Moraxella Neisseria Paracoccus Propionibacterium Pseudomonas Rhizobium Rhodopseudomonas Spirillum and Vibrio Autotrophic bacteria Nitrosomonas europaea DENTEMA 1 MOCROBIOLOGY STOICHIOMETRY OF BIOLOGICAL DENITRIFICATION Several steps in nitrate reduction reactions NO3- NO2- NO N2O N2 bsCODinf Rhizobium Electron donor bsCODdecay methanol or acetate STOICHIOMETRY OF BIOLOGICAL DENITRIFICATION GROWTH KINETICS C10H19O3N 10NO3- 5N2 10CO2 3H2O NH3 10OI Rn mN K N kdn Organic materials 5CH3OH 6 NO3 3N2 5 CO2 7 H2O 6 OH Metanol 5CH3COOH 8NO3- 4N2 10CO2 6H2O 8OH- Acetate VAN LANG UNIVERSITY infierENTEMA gn specific growth rate of nitrifying bacteria g new cells g gnm maximum specific growth rate of nitrifying bacteria g new cells g N nitrogen concentration g m3 kn half-velocity constant substrate concentration at one-half the maximum specific substrate utilization rate g m3 kdn endogenous decay coefficient for nitrifying organisms g VSS g 2 GROWTH KINETICS r su kXStf KS S q fraction of denitrifying bacteria in the biomass g VSS gVSS q to for preanoxic denitrification VAN LANG UNIVERSITY GROWTH KINETICS Effect of DO Ko DO inhibition coefficient for nitrate reduction mg L Ksno3 half velocity .