tailieunhanh - Digital Economy: Impacts, Influences and Challenges 2005 phần 10

Chúng tôi một thời gian ngắn cung cấp cho một danh sách của một số trong những lợi ích của sáng kiến này cho các học sinh: 1. Nghiên cứu vật liệu, biên soạn bởi các giảng viên có trình độ cao và giàu kinh nghiệm, phỏng vấn và thảo luận liên quan đến người nổi tiếng và | Digital Engineering Campus 353 Benefits to the Student Community We briefly give a list of some of the benefits of this initiative to students 1. Study material compiled by the highly qualified and experienced faculty interviews and discussions involving eminent persons and constant contact with these faculties for getting problems and queries solved 2. Students can send solved answer papers and the experts will evaluate and suggest changes and provide tips etc. 3. Students can put forth their views and interact with the elite panel 4. Students can gain confidence of attending the much-dreaded Vivas by going through a question bank of subjective and objective questions with model answers 5. Placements summer training and projects can be selected by interacting with the various industries online thus saving valuable time 6. Guidance on the methods of preparation handy hints and schedules of Post Graduation and other competitive examinations GATE TOFFEL GRE CAT CET etc. and venues and other relevant details are easily available 7. Being in touch with the latest developments in the field of science and technology is possible through publishing of white papers 8. Placing orders and subsequent door delivery of engineering books including those which are difficult to procure as well as CBT kits is done online 9. Interaction with fellow students of different colleges for exchange of information like college festivals picnics and resale of engineering tools and instruments hostels etc. is possible 10. E-mail and chat facilities are provided 11. Experts college authorities and other people from the education department can be contacted easily throughout the year for queries. More details of digital solutions provided on are given separately in an Appendix A. Concluding Remarks Many facets of the web-based model of education have evolved in the last decade and advanced countries already have tools for implementing many of such important facets. Some of