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nhập khẩu đối với như là một phần của một chương trình bảo tồn nguồn tài nguyên trong nước, nhưng chúng ta tìm thấy hiện tượng tương tự hiện nay. Nếu bảo tồn thực sự là mục tiêu, sau đó chắc chắn nhập khẩu sẽ được khuyến khích để giảm bớt nhu cầu về dầu trong nước. | 284 America s Great Depression on imports imposed as part of a domestic resource conservation program but we find the same phenomena today. If conservation were really the goal then surely imports would have been encouraged to ease demands on domestic oil. Let it not be thought that Hoover was idle in this movement. Even before the depression he was considering coercive restrictions on oil production. The President canceled permits to drill for oil in large parts of the public domain and he and Secretary of Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur were in large part responsible for the new state conservation laws. Hoover and Wilbur also pressured private oil operators near the public domain into agreements to restrict oil As 1931 drew to a close and another Congressional session drew near the country and indeed the world were in the midst of an authentic crisis atmosphere a crisis of policy and of ideology. The depression so long in effect was now rapidly growing worse in America and throughout the world. The stage was set for the Hoover New Deal of 1932. 43If the coal industry was not as successful as the oil in becoming cartellized it was not for lack of trying. . Bockus president of the National Coal Association wrote in an article The Menace of Overproduction of the need of the coal industry to secure by cooperative action the continuous adjustment of the production of bituminous coal to the existing demand for it thereby discouraging wasteful methods of production and consumption. The European method of meeting this situation is through the establishment of cartels. Quoted in Ralph J. Watkins A Planned Economy Through Coordinated Control of Basic Industries mimeographed manuscript submitted to American Philanthropic Association October 1931 pp. 54ff. Hoover also reduced production in other fields by adding over two million acres to the virtually useless national forests during his regime as well as increasing the area of the totally useless national parks .