tailieunhanh - Digital Economy: Impacts, Influences and Challenges 2005 phần 7

với thông tin chất lượng như yêu cầu của người tiêu dùng thu thập được từ phản hồi của khách hàng và tập trung nhóm, từ lịch sử để Internet, quan sát những thay đổi xu hướng xã hội (chẳng hạn như sự thay đổi trong xu hướng nhà hàng), và bằng cách tham khảo ý kiến | Online Services and Regional Web Portals 227 Department of Agriculture Fisheries Forestry Australia 2002 . The extensive use of links to other relevant sites would be most likely to draw young people back to a site but out-of-date Web sites were unlikely to get a second chance. In terms of designing Internet communications the need for interactivity was confirmed. There was also the continuing requirement to be mindful of slow download times in some areas Department of Agriculture Fisheries Forestry Australia 2002 . In June 2002 AFFA recruited a person who would have the primary responsibility of researching and overseeing the establishment and ongoing development of an online community where ownership would be shared between AFFA and young people in rural industries. The project objectives for the Young Australian Rural Network project YARN would include 1. Promoting and supporting further networking amongst graduates of the various Young People in Rural Industries programs coordinated by AFFA. 2. Providing a two-way communication tool as a conduit for information flow between AFFA and its stakeholders with communication ideally being equally initiated at both ends. 3. Serving as an information hub for young people in rural industries to find further information on non-government organisations networks and groups particularly by providing a facility for non-government youth networks to post information about their organisation on the site. 4. Serving also as a general dissemination tool for the Young People in Rural Industries program YPIRI program in conjunction with the existing AFFA Web site . While the intention was for AFFA to establish and maintain the site graduates from various elements of the YPIRI program would determine the content and as far as possible the structure and facilities. AFFA clearly understood that functionality could be created discussion forums event calendars web page building facilities member listings etc. but .