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, cho Ví dụ, một "hình phạt" giảm giá tỷ lệ dự trữ các khoản vay cho các ngân hàng sẽ phải chấm dứt sự bùng nổ và dẫn tới một cuộc suy thoái nhẹ hơn so với một trong chúng tôi cuối cùng đã đạt được. Trong thực tế, chỉ có tháng năm đã làm sự co lại của dự trữ có tổ chức, | 244 America s Great Depression Hitler s cure for unemployment by forcibly sending married women back to the home. Hoover also records that he accelerated the deportation of undesirable aliens again helping to ease the unemployment picture. He deported sixteen to twenty thousand aliens per As a consequence while the immigration law had already reduced net immigration into the United States to about 200 000 per year Hoover s decree reduced net immigration to 35 000 in 1931 and in 1932 there was a net emigration of 77 000. In addition Hoover s Emergency Committee on Employment organized concerted propaganda to urge young people to return to school in the fall and thus leave the labor market. At the end of July Hoover organized a planning conference of leading organizations designed to widen home ownership and bolster shaky home mortgages. The Planning Committee established by Hoover included representatives of the National Association of Real Estate Boards the American Federation of Labor the American Farm Bureau Federation the National Farmers Union the National Grange the . Chamber of Commerce the American Institute of Architects and the American Home Economic Association. By October Hoover apparently felt that the time had come for self-congratulation. In an address to the American Bankers Association he summed up his multi-faceted intervention as follows I determined that it was my duty even without precedent to call upon the business of the country for coordinated and constructive action to resist the forces of disintegration. The business community the bankers labor and the government have cooperated in wider spread measures of mitigation than have ever been attempted before. Our bankers and the reserve system have carried the country through the credit . . . storm without impairment. Our leading business concerns 7The labor union movement applauded the program with William Green urging increased Congressional appropriations for the Federal border .