tailieunhanh - Digital Economy: Impacts, Influences and Challenges 2005 phần 4

nuôi con nuôi của một sự hiện diện bán hàng dựa trên Internet cho các doanh nghiệp nhỏ. Xã hội Thông tin,phân phối vào hệ thống giá trị của ngành công nghiệp, và thường là các nhà thầu của thương hiệu. Bằng cách này, tổng số của các công ty tham gia vào chuỗi giá trị | Electronic Signature 101 Globalization E-Business goes to the future of the Internet worldwide and it s clear that some of greatest impact of information-communications systems will be in developing global E-Business marketplaces and alliances. Currently and in nearly future the critical technologies for E-Business environment are Embedded computing Wireless technology Intelligent agents Open and transparent communications infrastructure Simulation and data visualization. These constraints reshaped management challenges for most of the subjects acting within the digital economy. New technologies of data visualization simulation techniques and broadband telecommunications platforms will become important E-Business tools Volti 2001 . E-mail networked groupwork and intelligent agents will rise in use among all organizations improving communication and logistical coordination through an e-logistic environment. Under these terms exists a new generation of employees and customers who will use information technology and the Internet as part of growing up. Their expectations about media about service about communications and about transactions will be vastly different from a decade ago and their behavior patterns will turn out to be the biggest surprise that information technology delivers to business in the next century. And what are the defining characteristics of E-Business This is partly defined by the nature of the business activity. Typical features would include A broad range of suppliers and products with a strong representation of buyers thus providing a critical mass of participants to establish the market and the liquidity to buy or sell as needed Well-established technical specifications and requirements for participation in the market Quality assurance for the market with feedback loops regarding product quality fulfillment history and financial transactions Paperless transactions with enforceable legal agreements Online contracts with digital signatures to .