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Nhập mã System Speed Dial (00-89 hoặc 000-199) Số lượng và tên tương ứng xuất hiện trên màn hìnhHoàn thành cuộc gọi của bạn và thay thế các thiết bị cầm tay dòng LED thay đổi từ xanh sang đỏ và sau đó đi off | Key Telephone Features Speed Dialing . CO TALK XX where XX is the line number appears on the display 2 Press the AUTO key A appears on the display 3 Enter the System Speed Dial code 00-89 or 000-199 The number and corresponding name appear on the display 4 Complete your call and replace the handset The line LED changes from green to red and then goes off To check a programmed System Speed Dial key 1 Press the ON OFF key . The phone issues intercom dial tone . The ON OFF LED lights 2 Press the CONF key C appears in the display 3 Press AUTO 4 Press a System Speed Dial key The programmed data appears on the display 5 Press the ON OFF key . The ON OFF LED goes off . The date and time appear on the display Related Programming . FFl System Override Toll Restriction With SSD Numbers . FF10 Speed Dialing System Speed Dial Numbers Issued 3 1 95 DBS 824-i O-700 3-79 Speed Dialing Key Telephone Features Considerations If numbers do not appear on the display when you use System Speed Dial codes 00-89 or 000-199 your extension is not programmed to display that data The system can be programmed to allow System Speed Dial Numbers to override toll restrictions You can make outside calls using this feature even if your extension is assigned to Toll Restriction type 2-6 Speed Dial code cannot be checked while Station Lockout is activated Speed Dial Linking CPC-S and CPC-M Description You can link together up to five SSD or PSD numbers to handle telephone numbers longer than 16 characters Operation Complete the following steps to chain speed dial numbers 1 Pick up the receiver or press ON OFF 2 If necessary access an outside line 3 Do one of the following If Then You are using a PSD number Press the one-touch key for the first part of the number You are using a SSD number Press AUTO Dial the code for the part of the number 4 Use the one-touch keys or system speed dial codes to dial the parts of the phone number until it is completed 3-80 DBS 824-1 O-700 Issued 3 1 95 Key Telephone .