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chứ không phải là sứ điệp vắng mặt Nếu một mã thông báo con số đó đã không được lập trình được lựa chọn, "vắng mặt", tiếp theo là các mã số, xuất hiện trên thời gian Không có tin nhắn trở lại màn hình hiển thị có thể được đầu vào như được hiển thị trong bảng sau đây | Key Telephone Features Absence Messaae To cancel an Absence Message 1 Press the ON OFF key . The phone issues intercom dial tone . The ON OFF LED lights 2 Dial 71 Enter Msg Code appears on the display 3 Press the ON OFF key . The ON OFF LED goes off . The DND CF LED goes off and the message disappears from the display Related Programming . FF1 System Extension Class of Service Setting . FF3 Extension Extension Class of Service Assignment . FF6 Names and Messages Absence Messages Considerations . Calling parties without a display get a busy signal rather than the Absence Message . If a message code number that has not been programmed is selected Absence followed by the code number appears on the display . Absence Message return times can be input as shown in the following table Table 3 2 Example Return Times for Absence Messages Input Display No input Return 9 Return 9 00 11 Return 1100 615 Return 6 15 1035 Return 10 35 Issued 3 1 95 DBS 824-I O-700 3-5 Auto Redial Key Telephone Features Four-digit numbers can also be input 0000-9999 Hours Minutes or Month Date When an Absence Message is set on a DID extension incoming DID calls are routed according to the ringing assignment programmed for the incoming trunk DND and Absence Messages cancel Call Forwarding Calls to an extension with DND or Absence Message turned on are treated differently depending on whether they are trunk or intercom calls Intercom calls receive busy tone trunk calls are routed to the extension defined in permanent call forwarding The following types of incoming trunk calls follow permanent call forward settings Direct trunk calls Transferred trunk calls Callback to an incoming CO call on a Private Line is available if the Absence Message feature is activated Auto Redial CPC-S and CPC-M Description If the Redial key is pressed when the extension is idle or receiving dial tone the last intercom or outside number is automatically redialed Related Programming FF3 System Auto-Redial on Extensions FF1 .