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(LCR) Music-on-Hold đêm mở rộng Paging Dịch vụ Cơ Sở Off-điện lớp Không trạm Chuyển từ xa Duy trì trạm ghi trạm Hunting Xem chi tiết tin nhắn (SMDR) Số Hạn chế Trunk Nhóm Kêu gọi các bên mà không cần hiển thị một nhận được một tín hiệu bận rộn, | Chapter 1. System Features This chapter contains detailed descriptions of DBS 824 System Features System Features are either available on a system-wide basis or aid in the overall administration of the DBS 824 This chapter covers the following topics Topic Page Account Codes l-3 Answer Supervision for Voice Mail l-6 Auto Day Mode 1-7 Auto Set Relocation l-8 Background Music 1-10 Battery Backup 1-12 Call Forward ID Code for Voice Mail 1-12 Caller ID 1-13 Direct Inward System Access DISA 1-14 Direct Trunk Access 1-17 Distinctive Ringing 1-17 Door Box 1-18 DP to DTMF Signal Conversion l-20 DP to DTMF Signal Conversion l-20 Hunting Priority for 1-21 Independent Timers l-22 Least Cost Routing LCR l-23 Music-on-Hold l-24 Night Service l-25 Off-Premises Extension 1-27 Paging 1 28 Power Failure Transfer 1-29 Remote Maintenance 1 31 Station Class of Service l-33 Station Hunting l-34 Station Message Detail Recording SMDR l-37 Toll Restriction l-38 Trunk Groups l-40 issue Date 3 1 95 DBS 824-l O-700 1-1 Topic Page Trunk Name Assignment 1-41 Trunk Queuing 1-42 Universal Night Answer 1-43 Voice Mail Ringing l-44 VAU l-45 VAU Port Assignment 1-45 Walking TRS Class of Service l-46 1-2 DBS 824-1 O-700 Issue Date 3 1 95 System Features Account Codes Account Codes You can assign account codes to clients to facilitate billing and to track call dates and times numbers called and outside line numbers used This information is printed for each account on the SMDR record Non-Verified Account Codes CPC-S and CPC-M Description Non-verified account codes can be forced or voluntary depending on extension programming With voluntary account codes the user is not forced to enter an account code before making a call With forced account codes the user must enter an account code before accessing an outside line Non-verified account codes can be assigned to incoming and outgoing calls To assign an account code to an outgoing call the user enters the account code before making the call or during the