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, bước tiếp theo là để cập nhật hai loại nội dung rằng con tàu với Drupal 7. Tôi sẽ muốn thêm các điều khoản phân loại cho các loại khách truy cập trang cơ bản và các loại nội dung bài viết để tác giả có thể dễ dàng phân loại bất kỳ nội dung nào được tạo ra trên trang thị cho du khách của tôi | CHAPTER 12 PANELS Optional features Features that we can enable for our panel page include access control restricting who can see the panel page visible menu item putting a link to the panel page on a menu selection rules and contexts. Selection rules and contexts are advanced topics that you can read more about at http project panels. For our demonstration we will leave all of the optional items unchecked. Pages List Add custom page Import page Administrative title about us panel page The name of this page. This will appear In the administrative Interface to easily identify It. Machine name I a bcut us. panel page The machine readable name of this page. It must be unique and it must contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores. Once created you will not be able to change this value Administrative description This is the panel page that is used for the about US page. A description of what this page is does or Is for for administrative use. Path _ http localhosựd6 ịabout-us The URL path to get to this page. You may create named placeholders for variable parts of the path by using name for required elements and name for optional elements. For example node wiode foo forum forum or dashboard iinpur. These named placeholders can be turned into contexts on the arguments form. Maki this your site home page. TO set mis panel as your home page you must create a unit Lie path name with no placeholders in the path. The site home page IS currently set to node on me Site information configuration form. Variant type Panel Ị Optional features Access control Visible menu item Selection rules contexts Check any optional features you need to be presented with forms for configuring them. If you do not check them here you will still be able to utilize these features once the new page is created. If you are not sure leave these unchecked. Continue Figure 12-3. Creating a new panel page After .

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