tailieunhanh - A Complete Guide to Programming in C++ part 2

A Complete Guide to Programming in C++ part 2. This book provides both novice and experienced programmers with a comprehensive resource manual for the C++ programming language. Readers gain experience in all aspects of programming, from elementary language concepts to professional software development, with in depth coverage of all the language elements en route. These elements are carefully ordered to help the reader create useful programs every step of the way. | PREFACE ix discussed. Students learn that templates allow the construction of functions and classes based on types that have not yet been stated. Thus templates are a powerful tool for automating program code generation. Chapter 33 explains standard class templates used to represent containers for more efficient management of object collections. These include sequences such as lists and double ended queues container adapters such as stacks queues and priority queues associative containers such as sets and maps and bitsets. In addition to discussing how to manage containers the chapter also looks at sample applications such as bitmaps for raster images and routing techniques. Additional Features Chapter Goals A concise chapter introduction which contains a description of the chapter s contents is presented at the beginning of each chapter. These summaries also provide students with an idea of the key points to look for throughout the chapter. Chapter Exercises Each chapter contains exercises including programming problems designed to test students knowledge and understanding of the main ideas. The exercises also provide reinforcement for key chapter concepts. Solutions are included to allow students to check their work immediately and correct any possible mistakes. Case Studies Every chapter contains a number of case studies that were designed to introduce the reader to a wide range of application scenarios. Notes This feature provides students with helpful tips and information useful to learning C . Important concepts and rules are highlighted for additional emphasis and easy access. Hints These are informative suggestions for easier programming. Also included are common mistakes and how to avoid making them. Acknowledgements Our thanks go out to everyone who helped produce this book particularly to Ian Travis for his valuable contributions to the development of this book. Alexa Doehring who reviewed all samples and program listings and gave many valuable hints .

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