tailieunhanh - Foundation Flash CS5 For Designers- P3

Foundation Flash CS5 For Designers- P3: Flash is one of the most engaging, innovative, and versatile technologies available-allowing the creation of anything from animated banners and simple cartoons to Rich Internet Applications, interactive videos, and dynamic user interfaces for web sites, kiosks, devices, or DVDs. The possibilities are endless, and now it just got better | GRAPHICS IN FLASH CS5 Figure 2-11. The tip or pour point of the Paint Bucket s icon is its hot spot. 8. Click the object on the stage. When you do it will be surrounded by circle a line will bisect the selection and three handles will appear as shown in Figure 2-12. The circle represents the area of the gradient fill. Center Point Resize Handle Radius Handle Rotate Handle Figure 2-12. The Gradient Transform tool allows you to precisely control a gradient. Let s look at each of these controls Center point This is actually composed of two features. The white dot is the center point of the gradient and can be moved around in the usual manner. The triangle which can only move along the line determines the focus of the center point which is where the first color the bright blue in the gradient first appears. Resize handle Dragging this handle resizes and distorts the gradient without affecting the shape of the filled object. 79 CHAPTER 2 Radius handle Moving this one inward or outward resizes the gradient proportionally. Rotate handle Drag this handle and the gradient rotates around the center point. The effect can be quite subtle with a radial gradient but you ll see a difference if you squeeze the gradient into a lozenge shape with the resize handle. Now that you know how to use the tool on a radial gradient give it a try on a linear gradient. Here s how 1. Select one of the linear gradients from the Fill color chip in the Tools panel. 2. Select the Rectangle tool and draw a square. Click the square with the Gradient Transform tool. 3. As you can see in Figure 2-13 the same controls are in place. This time two lines which indicate the range of the gradient appear. If you click the resize handle and drag it downward toward the top of the box the colors in the gradient become more compressed. The rotate and center point handles work in the same manner as their radial gradient counterparts. Figure 2-13. The Gradient Transform tool can be used on linear

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