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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P30:Your Exchange Server 2003 deployment plan should reflect your understanding of how Exchange and Microsoft Windows Server™ operating systems interoperate. It should encompass the relationships between Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server sites and domains, domain controllers, global catalog servers, and Exchange 2003 administrative and routing groups. | 291 If your mixed-mode Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server organization takes advantage of front-end and back-end architecture you must upgrade your Exchange 2000 Server front-end servers before you upgrade your back-end servers to Exchange Server 2003. For more information about front-end and back-end architecture see Configuring Exchange 2003 for Client Access. For information about front-end and back-end scenarios configurations and installation see the following guides Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Messaging System Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server Front-End and Back-End Server Topology Guide Pre-Upgrade Procedures for Exchange 2000 Before you begin upgrading your Exchange 2000 Server organization to Exchange Server 2003 it is important that you prepare your organization for the upgrade process. This section provides recommended and required pre-upgrade procedures. 292 Upgrading the Operating Systems If you plan to upgrade your Exchange 2000 Servers that are running Windows 2000 SP3 or later to Windows Server 2003 you must first upgrade those servers to Exchange Server 2003. This upgrade sequence is required because Exchange 2000 Server is not supported on Windows Server 2003. Removing Unsupported Components The following components are not supported in Exchange Server 2003 Microsoft Mobile Information Server Instant Messaging service Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Key Management Service cc Mail connector MS Mail connector 293 To upgrade an Exchange 2000 Server to Exchange Server 2003 successfully you must first use Exchange Setup to remove these components. For more information about removing these unsupported components see Exchange 2000 Help and Mobile Information Server Help. Note If you want to retain these components do not upgrade the Exchange 2000 Servers that are running them. Instead install Exchange Server 2003 on other servers in your organization. Upgrading International Versions of Exchange When you upgrade from Exchange

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