tailieunhanh - Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P29

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P29:Your Exchange Server 2003 deployment plan should reflect your understanding of how Exchange and Microsoft Windows Server™ operating systems interoperate. It should encompass the relationships between Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server sites and domains, domain controllers, global catalog servers, and Exchange 2003 administrative and routing groups. | 281 Windows 2000 Help Windows Server 2003 Help Best Practice Active Directory Design for Exchange 2000 Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Messaging System Running Exchange 2003 ForestPrep Even if you previously ran Exchange 2000 ForestPrep you must still run Exchange 2003 ForestPrep. Exchange 2003 ForestPrep extends the Active Directory schema to include Exchange-specific classes and attributes. ForestPrep also creates the container object for the Exchange organization in Active Directory. The schema extensions supplied with Exchange Server 2003 are a superset of those supplied with Exchange 2000 Server. In the domain where the schema master resides run ForestPrep once in the Active Directory forest. By default the schema master runs on the first Windows domain controller installed in a forest. Exchange Setup verifies that you are running ForestPrep in the correct domain. If you are not in the correct domain Setup informs you which domain contains the 282 schema master. For information about how to determine which of your domain controllers is the schema master see Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 Help. The account you use to run ForestPrep must be a member of the Enterprise Administrator and the Schema Administrator groups. While you are running ForestPrep you designate an account or group that has Exchange Full Administrator permissions to the organization object. This account or group has the authority to install and manage Exchange 2003 throughout the forest. This account or group also has the authority to delegate additional Exchange Full Administrator permissions after the first server is installed. O Important When you delegate Exchange roles to a security group it is recommended that you use Global or Universal security groups and not Domain Local security groups. Although Domain Local security groups can work they are limited in scope to their own domain. In many scenarios Exchange Setup needs to authenticate to other domains during the installation. .

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