tailieunhanh - Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P22

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide- P22:Your Exchange Server 2003 deployment plan should reflect your understanding of how Exchange and Microsoft Windows Server™ operating systems interoperate. It should encompass the relationships between Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server sites and domains, domain controllers, global catalog servers, and Exchange 2003 administrative and routing groups. | 211 The account you use to install ADC must be a member of the Enterprise Administrator Schema Administrator and Domain Administrator groups. The account must also be a Local Machine Administrator on the local machine. Procedure To install Active Directory Connector 1. Insert the Exchange CD into your CD-ROM drive. You can install ADC on any computer in the Windows domain. 2. On the Start menu click Run and then type E adc i386 setup where E is your CD-ROM drive. 3. On the Welcome to the Active Directory Connector Installation Wizard page click Next. 4. On the Component Selection page select the Microsoft Active Directory Connector Service and the Microsoft Active Directory Connector Management components and then click Next. 5. On the Install Location page verify the folder location and then 212 click Next. 6. On the Service Account page in the Account box browse to the user or group that the ADC service will run as and then click Next. O Important The service account or group you chose must have Local Administrator and built-in Domain Administrator permissions. The account or group that you designate as the ADC service account will have full control of the Exchange organization. Therefore you should ensure that it is a secure account or group. 7. On the Microsoft Active Directory Connector Setup page click Finish. For More Information For information about running ADC Tools seeHow to Run Active Directory Connector ADC Tools. 213 How to Run Active Directory Connector ADC Tools Active Directory Connector ADC Tools are used to lead you through the process of confirming that your Exchange directory and mailboxes are ready for migration. ADC Tools are a collection of wizards and utilities that help you set up and configure your connection agreements. The tools also ensure that replication between your Windows NT organization and Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 is functioning properly. Procedure To run ADC Tools 1. On your ADC server click Start point to .

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