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Journal of Science and Technology, Study the response of gas, Gas sensor usin Zno nanorods synthesized, Synthesize large quantities ZnO nanorods, Optoelectronicand gassensing applications, Low-dimensional nano structures ZnO | The main characteristics of pocerlain products based on Anorthite CaS2 Our starting materials include kaolin, feldspar (sodium and potassium), wollastonite (the main mineral is or CS). CS provide CaO to make CAS2. In addition, quartz sand (SiO2) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3) were also used to provide oxide for CAS2. The mixture was finely ground, dried to obtain powder with moisture of about 7 – 8 %. The samples were shaped by semi-dry pressed method. Samples were fired at 1250 oC in 10 minutes and 30 minutes. The sintered samples were determined the necessary physical properties such as water absorption, flexural strength, Vicker’s hardness, the density and the whiteness. The change during heating were revealed by the differential scaning calorimetry (DSC). CAS2 minerals were analyzed by means of X-Ray Powder Diffractometry (XRD) and phase idenfitication was performed by X'Pert High Score Plus software. The formation of nanoporous structure was confirmed by SEM. All of analysis results showed an accordance between specifications and structure of product. 2. EXPERIMENTAL Mixture were prepared in a planetary rapid mill of laboratory. We tested obtained slip by the < % residue on the sieve 63 μm. This slip casting were dryed into powder with moisture 7 – 8 %. The powder samples were compressed at pressure of 50 MPa shaping by a rectangular box with length x width x height of 8×2× (cm). The samples were dried at 110 oC and then fired at 1250 oC soaking at 10 and 30 minutes with the heating rate 5 oC / min. The chemical composition of materials was determined by type ARL XRF machineAdvantx-2443 (16492) by Thermo Scientific 7. The change during heated process has been studied by DSC (DSC - TG Labsys machine TG / DSC SETARAM). The minerallization process of CAS2 has been indentified by XRD (Bruker AXS machine A25 D8 Advance GmbH of Karlsruhe, Germany, the voltage: 40 KV, current: 40mA, radiation: Cu-Kα) and the quantitative analysis crystalline phases by .

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